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Established in 2020, Chef Maika Frederic owns and operates Growth ​Culinary LLC. She is a professionally trained chef, recipe developer, ​culinary educator, digital content creator, brand ambassador, and ​food product developer.

The goal of Growth Culinary LLC is to create and discover tools that ​will bring the joy and passion of global cuisine to food enthusiasts ​through exploration, experimentation, and tasting.

Chef Maika

Owner of Growth Culinary LLC

“I graduated high school in 2001 at 16 years old and, with no hesitation, ​went straight into culinary school in West Palm Beach. I actually applied ​to Johnson and Wales but didn’t realize I applied for the following year. ​When I didn’t hear from them, I went to Florida Culinary Institute, founded ​in 1987 (unfortunately, it no longer exists!) and got my two degrees.”

“Despite the mistake, I’m happy I went to FCI, a smaller school, ​which meant unforgettable connections. Got my first cooking ​gig at PGA National Resort. Then, through established ​relationships with the school, I ended up at the Ritz Carlton ​Hotel Company, the leaders of high-quality, personalized ​hospitality.”

“Life abruptly changed. Culinary was paused to take care of my ​son with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) as a single mom, got ​my master's, and became a Special Needs Educator. A couple of ​decades later, I’m back constructing my own culinary career in ​my vision through a mosaic lens, understanding the importance ​of meeting people where they are and building up from there.”

Our Philosophy

Mision Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission at Growth Culinary ​LLC is to provide high-quality, ​personalized culinary services that ​educate and inspire food ​enthusiasts. We are dedicated to ​delivering bold, unforgettable ​experiences that blend diverse ​cultural flavors, elevating home ​dining and fostering a vibrant ​community of creative culinary ​explorers.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement

Our vision at Growth Culinary LLC is ​to become the premier culinary ​company known for transforming ​home dining through innovative, ​personalized services and immersive ​educational experiences. We aspire ​to ignite a passion for bold, global ​flavors and cultivate a community ​where creativity and culinary ​excellence thrive.

Core Values

Culinary experiences are built on ​excellence, innovation, cultural ​appreciation, personalization, ​education, community, integrity, ​and passion.

Excellence: We strive ​for the highest ​standards in ​everything we do, ​ensuring exceptional ​quality and ​unparalleled service ​in all our culinary ​ventures.

Innovation: We ​embrace creativity ​and innovation, ​continually exploring ​new flavors, ​techniques, and ideas ​to inspire and delight ​our clients.

Cultural ​Appreciation: We ​celebrate and respect ​diverse culinary ​traditions, blending ​cultural ingredients ​to create unique and ​authentic ​experiences.

Personalization: We ​prioritize personalized ​service, tailoring our ​offerings to meet ​each client's needs ​and preferences, ​ensuring a ​memorable and ​enjoyable experience.

Education: We are ​committed to ​educating and ​empowering our ​clients, providing ​them with the ​knowledge and skills ​to enhance their ​culinary creativity and ​confidence.

Community: We ​foster a supportive ​and vibrant ​community of food ​enthusiasts, ​encouraging ​collaboration, ​sharing, and mutual ​growth.

Integrity: We conduct ​our business with ​honesty, ​transparency, and ​professionalism, ​building trust and ​long-lasting ​relationships with our ​clients and partners.

Passion: Our passion ​for food and culinary ​arts drives everything ​we do, inspiring us to ​elevate and refine our ​craft continually.

Current Ventures

Food Blog: Dinner Inspiration ​for the Spicy Food Enthusiast

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